Mathieu Ben Hassen :

Born in Bordeaux, France, Mathieu Ben Hassen (b. 1980) obtained his diploma of musical studies (2000) in percussion, sight reading, percussion ensemble, and contemporary chamber music at the Jacques Thibaud Conservatory in Bordeaux. In 2002, he won the gold medal prize in harmony and counterpoint at the conservatory followed by an additional prize from the Society of Music Authors, Composers, and Editors (SACEM).

Fours years later he obtained his "Diplôme National d'Etudes Supérieures Musicales" in percussion at the "Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse" in Lyon under the study of Jean Geoffroy, winning the second prize at the National Vibraphone Competition Claude Giot.

Ben Hassen currently works as principal accompanist for contemporary dance studies at the Jacques Thibaud Conservatory and is professor at the Municipal School of Music and Dance in Blanquefort.

His passion for composition earned him the first prize at the Grand Concours de Jeunes Compositeurs d'Aquitaine, guiding him to compose a multitude of works such as Requiem, Salve Regina, Concerto pour percussions, and the Senegalese opera LEENA, among others. In addition, Ben Hassen has a strong interest in vocal music having written a considerable number of works for choir.

Today, he remains creatively driven to perform both as percussionist and dancer in multiple companies such as Cie Arcosm (Lyon) and Lassen Cie (Bordeaux).

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